Lenovo Celebrates 16 Years of ThinkPad

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Lenovo Celebrates 16 Years of ThinkPad

trekked_192x94.jpgLenovo is celebrating sixteen years of continuous ThinkPad innovation (most of them of course under the Big Blue of IBM) with -- what else? -- a sale.

Lot of fun to look at the "Legends of ThinkPad" to see some of the amazing feats this little gadget has been through.

You can take your choice of "melted," "sunk," "crunched," "trekked" and "stolen."

Actually some stuff you won't believe!

And of course there are many awards ...

Reminds me of all of TPs I've owned -- T20, A Series, etc. -- some still in fact ticking still!

See the Legends here.

Get the sale here.

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