Stop Organizing your Emails into Folders! It's Less Efficient

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Stop Organizing your Emails into Folders! It's Less Efficient

email-folders-suck.jpgStop organizing your emails into FOLDERS right now! Yes, I'm talking to you neurotic-email-folder-organizing-bastards! You've been doing it all wrong!

According to Gizmodo, "A recent study from IBM research confirms a belief I've maintained for years. Instead of organizing your inbox, it's more efficient (not to mention EASIER), to leave your email in a state of chaos, and just use search to find what you need." The study reads in part, "We carried out a field study of 345 long-term users who conducted over 85,000 refinding actions. Our data support opportunistic access. People who create complex folders indeed rely on these for retrieval, but these preparatory behaviors are inefficient and do not improve retrieval success. In contrast, both search and threading promote more effective finding."

Yeah, that's right you OCD, anally-retentive, must keep Inbox email count at 0 by dragging emails into folders - you are less efficient. All that organizing time is for naught. And yet some of my friends and co-workers mock me for my Inbox with thousand of emails? I knew my 23,000+ emails in my Inbox folder was the right choice for optimal efficiency! smiley-smile

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