Sony Reader PRS-700 -- Great, But for One Thing ...

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Sony Reader PRS-700 -- Great, But for One Thing ...

Sony Reader old_new.jpg Yes, there was a commuter this morning waiting for the 7:17 reading his Kindle.

And that's all I needed to start thinking about ebooks and ebook readers and how maybe someday all printed material will be digital and there will be no more newspapers or magazines.

Wait! I'm getting a bit ahead of myself.

Do find the whole thing pretty cool so was intrigued by this piece of writing today.  

So all you ever wanted to know about the Sony Reader PRS-700 is here at Mobile Tech Review. A very positive review, but there is something amiss ...

What's the catch? The touch screen layer reduces contrast. Yikes!!!

Digital readers like the Reader and Amazon's Kindle use e-ink technology, a very low power, paper-like display that's non-glare and high contrast (much like a book's pages).

Touch isn't part of the e-ink technology, nor is backlighting, so we rarely see a reader offering these. Sony, cutting-edge company that they are, found a way to add these two desirable features.

Sony added a touch layer on top of the e-ink display and embedded LED side-lights into the frame that surrounds the display. Clever.  

That's the good, and like I said, check out the whole story at Mobile Tech Review.

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