Facebook Enables Free VoIP Calls for U.S. iOS Messenger Users

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Facebook Enables Free VoIP Calls for U.S. iOS Messenger Users

Facebook launched free VoIP calling for U.S. Facebook iOS Messenger app users. Here's the problem though. Almost no one uses the Facebook Messenger app - they use the main Facebook iOS app. Why not bundle these these two together? Messenger seems redundant.

Second problem - it's iOS only. Really? No Android support? Third problem is it only works over WiFi so 3G/4G won't work unless you jailbreak your iOS device and install a 3G/4G to WiFi faker.

I briefly tested it, but apparently none of my Facebook friends were curently using their iOS device with the Messenger app loaded. So pretty pointless. Don't even think it supports Notifications so iOS users can at least get a notification and launch the Messenger app. Still, a step in the right direction. But I'd like to see more - including as I already stated in an article last week - support for WebRTC - though WebRTC on mobile browsers is a ways off.

I wonder if your VoIP conversations will be auto-transcribed and put into the Newsfeed of all your friends. Then we will never see talking behind someone's back ever again! Woohoo! Screw the privacy implications. Lets make everything public domain. I kid... I kid....

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