Zangi - New Mobile VoIP Player in Town

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Zangi - New Mobile VoIP Player in Town

Zangi is an interesting new mobile VoIP player. One of their espoused features is the free roaming which saves on international calls. While traveling many users purchase a new number (SIM card) to enjoy free incoming calls. Simply add this number under Zangi's “My z-Roamings” and all calls made via Zangi to your regular number will automatically be directed to your new “z-Roaming” number when you have no Internet connection. When you DO have Internet, all communications (VoIP, video, text) is sent over the Internet to your regular number for free. The caller will be charged Zangi's VoIP rates when calls are directed to your z-Roaming number over the regular PSTN.

What if you have a slow Internet connection or tour contact has no Internet connection? Then you can use Zangi’s innovative Callback feature. You simply dial the number you wish to connect to and press the Callback button. The system will first dial your registered number (or your Roaming number when activated), then dial the other party and connect you via VoIP gateway. Zangi will charge you for two simultaneous calls at regular VoIP rates: no additional charges or hidden fees apply.

Registering for the service is drop-dead simple so you can try it to see if you like it. You enter in your mobile number plus the captcha (to block bots) and it sends you a SMS with a PIN code to enter the website. That's it. It uses Flash not HTML5, so you are prompted to allow access to your microphone and camera. The web interface is pretty easy to navigate and it allows to add contacts, add favorites, and bring up a dialpad. They also support mobile apps, including Apple/iOS and Android. Zangi supports HD audio and HD video. They also support connecting directly to Facebook with the ability to see statuses and make calls from within Facebook as seen here:

They accept Paypal payment and openly publish their rates. You can try it out here.

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