A Million eReaders? Who Would Have Figured?

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A Million eReaders? Who Would Have Figured?


Does anybody out there love their ereader?

Well, guess so, according to this blog from Oxford University Press (OUP) USA.

When Amazon launched the Kindle there predictions aplenty about how it and its predecessor -- Sony's Reader would sell.

Over time the chatter died down, but it returned and hit full volume after the recent Book Expo America in Los Angeles, when Mr. Amazon, Jeff Bezos, discussed ebook sales volume at the Kindle store. The chatter, as reported in the NY Times, has publishers and others speculating that Amazon has sold 10,000 - 50,000 Kindles.

However, the OUP blog speculates that combined sales of the Kindle and the Reader will reach 1 million units this year.

Anybody want to dispute that fact?

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