Indestructible USB Flash Memory Drive

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Indestructible USB Flash Memory Drive

Most USB flash drives are highly unreliable and can break down easily due to inferior plastic. It is unfortunate that most of us have our precious digital photos and other important files on USB Flash drives, but we don't consider the reliability or durability of our USB flash devices. Many USB Flash devices are suspended from our keychains and therefore are often tossed onto the coffee table with our keys, dropped, or used as a rattle toy for your 10 month old daughter. Ok, at least my 10 month old daughter. We wouldn't subject a hard disk to this abuse, but we don't think twice about doing it to our Flash memory devices.

So I was pleasantly surprised to learn about an entrepreneur who has decided to build his own USB flash drive to be Waterproof, Anti-Shock, Anti-Vibration and Anti-Static.

Titan USB Flash Memory Drive Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Titan, from

Each USB flash drive is constructed from graphite/aluminum composite metal matrix (which is light but durable), traditionally been used by NASA and other space agencies. Coated with Titanium (which is corrosion, chemical and acid resistant proof in all naturally occurring environments).

1GB - US $197
2GB - US $247
Free Airmail Shipping Worldwide.

USB Interface
High-speed USB 2.0 certified, backwards compatible with USB 1.1

Power supply
USB Bus-Powered, No external power required

Operating Systems Supported
Windows 98/98SE/ME/XP/2000, Mac OS 8.6 and Linux 2,4,0 or above

Check out these video tests below. The first is a static electricity test, which demonstrates how the USB device keeps on ticking even after being tortured with several jolts of electricity. I half expected 24's Jack Bauer's voice to scream at the Flash memory, "Tell me what you know, now!" ;)

The second video is of a car running over the USB memory device. Jack Bauer sure could have used this indestructible Flash memory device in several episodes of 24 where the evidence was destroyed due to weak casing on memory devices.

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