Ogaco iKazoo, the Strangely Fascinating Gadget, Motion Controller & Flute

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Ogaco iKazoo, the Strangely Fascinating Gadget, Motion Controller & Flute

Ogaco reached out to me to tell me about their new product called iKazoo. iKazoo looks like a Kazoo but with a curved bump in the middle. It has several sensors and can be used as a motion controller for video games, but it is also a music instrument and a digital pen for drawing on tablets.


Two (presumably) Indian Persian sisters have a YouTube video promoting the new iKazoo. One of them explains, "The shape of the iKazoo also makes it possible to have a balance board for gaming. So what is that good for? For one thing this makes it easy for you to make wonderful games asking your subconscious for the answer. A tap on the right side means yes. A tap on the left side means no. So just putting your hands on it lets you access your intuition" Say what? Is this a Magic 8 ball? Or does the iKazoo act as an Indian Gadget Guru with psychic powers?

The website explains, "Kazoo is basically a gadget compatible with any electronic device with a camera that lets anyone, from beginner to professional make and play music and a whole lot more. Music, games, art, sports and fitness are just some of the applications you can use iKazoo for." Apparently, the complete surface of the device is touch and shock sensitive so you can tap on different positions with different intensity to get a super drum computer of beat box. iKazoo can act as a joystick, a finger balance board, a handlebar, and a spin wheel. The two multi color LEDs allow you to connect to your phone/tablet/pc via its camera, just point the iKazoo and their driver app will search and sync. Apparently, you can also use it as an exercise step counter.

I'm still confused, yet strangely fascinated. Specs include Arduino Compatible Microcontroller, Bluetooth Audio/Data Device, Open Source Software, Piezo Membrane, Shock Sensor, Electret Microphone, Multi Touch Sensor, Accelerometer/Gyro, RGB LEDs, Mini USB Port, Lithium Battery and Headphone Jack, plus a strap. It also states it has a full chromatic keyboard, but from the video below I'm not seeing a keyboard on this device. Watch the two energetic sisters give their pitch. Be amazed, and like me strangely fascinated by this strange gadget.

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