PocketMac Rescues Smartphones from the Toilet

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PocketMac Rescues Smartphones from the Toilet

Admit it, you've come close to doing the unthinkable - you text on your phone and surf the web while in the bathroom and when you get up to flush, your beloved phone slips out of your hand, your shirt pocket, or pants pocket and heads toward the toilet. You see your phone falling through the air in slow motion, as though gravity has a sick sense of humor toying with you and making you think you have a fighting chance of saving your $300 smartphone.

Yes, gravity that great mysterious universal force is toying with you to see if you can react quickly enough to catch your phone in mid-flight. But alas, according to Gizmodo, 855,000 mobile phones are dropped in the toilet every year in just the UK. Now that the phone has reached the bottom of the toilet you have a decision to make. Do you quickly stick your hand and arm into the toilet to try and rescue your phone or do say "to hell with that, it's not worth putting my arm in there, I'll go get something to fish it out with."

Personally, I'd go for it. I'd dive my hand so fast thinking I could outrun the water molecules from entering the phone that I'd probably splash the toilet contents all over myself. A pretty picture no? Alas, even I, the great VoIP & Gadget blogger can not outrun water molecules to save my precious gadgety phone. Most likely my gadget phone would be dead.

Or would it?

Check this out:

PocketMac, the originators of several groundbreaking smartphone software tools, announces a new service that helps smartphone users save their digital life. Until now, when a smartphone was dropped in the toilet or was otherwise damaged, users' data was presumed to be lost forever.

However, PocketMac's new service, RecoverMySmartphone.com, recovers that data from damaged smartphones and clones it to new ones.
This saves countless hours reconstructing this information.
Specifically, the service will rescue the following types of data from smartphones:

- Contacts
- Photos
- Calendars
- Text Messages
- Email Messages
- Music
- Software
- Notes
- And More...

Damaged smartphones are a much larger problem that is generally assumed.  According to Gizmodo, 855,000 mobile phones are dropped in the toilet every year in the UK alone. That's one and a half percent of their population that either accidentally flushes or otherwise damages their phone. Additionally, Gizmodo says, 58,500 UK phones are damaged by dogs every year. And that's not to mention the 116,000 phones damaged in the laundry.

The numbers grow even bigger when you consider that the United States has a population 5 times greater than the UK. This translates to over 4,275,000 US phones damaged in the toilet, 292,500 US phones damaged by dogs and 580,000 phones damaged in the laundry. This is what prompted PocketMac to create this new service.

"We've spent over 8 years and 32,000 man-hours dissecting smartphones to see how they work," said Tim Goggin, VP Of Sales & Marketing. "We're now applying that wealth of knowledge to salvage the data from users' smartphones. Before RecoverMySmartphone.com, every time a phone was dropped into water or smashed in some accident, the data was likely lost forever."

This service works very simply. Users with broken or malfunctioning phones ship their devices to RecoverMySmartphone's lab. As long as the device powers up, within 5-7 business days, the user's phone and recovered data will be shipped back to them. Optionally, RecoverMySmartphone's lab can clone the data to a new phone. Over 500 makes and models of phone are supported.

Goggin continued, "Most of us don't have even one phone number memorized anymore. RecoverMySmartphone.com rescues your life from your damaged phone."

The service supports salvaging the data from the following smartphones and PDAs:

- BlackBerrys
- Handspring PDAs
- iPhones
- iPods
- Motorola Phones
- Nokia
- Palm Phones & PDAs
- Panasonic Phones & PDAs
- Sendo Phones
- Siemens Phones
- Sony Ericsson Phones
- Windows Mobile Phones
- And More Phones Added Everyday...

While certain consultants can charge as much as $1900 for this type of data recovery, RecoverMySmartphone.com's rates are structured to be more reasonable:

Simple data recovery is a flat, introductory rate of $199.97 while cloning data from a broken device to a new one is a flat rate of $249.97. Return shipment is included in the cost of the service.

Rush service can be added for $50.00 flat.

Recovered data can be used on either a Windows-based PC or Macintosh.

A YouTube video preview of how RecoverMySmartphone.com works can be seen here:

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