Rovio Wi-Fi VoIP Robotic Webcam

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Rovio Wi-Fi VoIP Robotic Webcam

wowee-rovio-robot-voip.jpg The WowWee Rovio is a cool Wi-Fi enabled robotic webcam. I like to call Rovio a remote-controlled VoIP webcam sentry robot.

The Rovio is pretty futuristic looking. It looks like it belongs on some sci-fi TV show or movie. Reminds me of some vehicle I saw on Terminator 2. The Rovio can move in any direction and can be controlled remotely. Simply view and interact with Rovio's environment through its streaming video and audio from its built in camera using a browser. You can even control the Rovio from an iPhone and the Nintendo DS.
The Rovio is capable of automatically navigating to a stored location and can even automatically return to its charging dock when the battery runs low. The web interace allows two-way audio communication leveraging VoIP. So drive this bad boy to the kitchen and ask your wife son or daughter to bring a cold brewsky while you're watching some football. It's too bad it doesn't have a cup holder or the Robio could deliver the beer back to you. Rovio 2.0 I guess...

wowee-rovio-robot-voip2.jpg So why would you want Rovio? Well, you can use Rovio to check on your family while away from home, watch over your house while away on vacation, keep an eye on your pets, etc. 

You can direct Rovio's movements, neck mounted camera via the Internet, using any web accessible device such as a cell phone, video game console or PC. As I mentioned, it supports the iPhone and the Nintendo DS. From the web interface you can set and select way points, and then with one click you can tell Rovio to navigate itself to the chosen point. It sports built in LED lights to help you guide Rovio through dark hallways, though they could be brighter.

Just remember, chasing and scaring cats with a Wi-Fi VoIP-enabled robot is illegal in 29 states. Ok, I made that part up.

You can have this ├╝ber cool robotic toy remote surveillance robot for loads of fun peace of mind when you're not at home for just $299.99.

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