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VoIP for Treo

Finally, VoIP for the Treo! Treo users have been clamoring for a VoIP client for a long time, but look no further. Talkplus is a service that provides VoIP services over cellular networks, including now the Treo. It enables mobile carriers to provide their subscribers with a wide range of visibility and privacy options. According to TalkPlus, "TalkPlus enables mobile carriers to offer features to their customers without extensive infrastructure updates, and increases revenue by creating a need for data services in order to control the circuit-switched portion of handsets." Features include outbound caller ID masking, multiple voicemail box integration, and 10-way conference calls.

According to Treonauts, in a few weeks a client will be released by TalkPlus that runs on the Treo. According to Treonauts:

With one simple application installation on your Treo combined with IBM’s Java Virtual Machine, Treonauts will soon be able to enjoy such powerful features as multiple phone numbers and caller identities on a single phone... This is probably one of the single most exciting new telephony services that I’ve come across and I’m willing to bet that a very large percentage of Treonauts will soon subscribe to their services. more...

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