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NYC Now with the Most HD via Verizon's FiOS

July 28, 2008

With Verizon launching its FiOS TV service in New York City, our biggest city is now able to receive the most HDTV. With 100 HD channels, it offers customers more HD than Time Warner or Cablevision.

The new channel lineup will also be offered to existing FiOS TV markets in the New York metropolitan area, including parts of Long Island, the suburbs just north of the city and northern New Jersey.

FiOS TV is delivered over the nation's most advanced fiber-optic network straight to customers' homes and businesses, providing stunning picture and sound quality, more HD and video-on-demand (VOD) choices, a broad spectrum of content diversity, and interactive features that create the ultimate home entertainment experience. (At least that what they say.)

FiOS TV customers receive HD signals just as Verizon receives them, without the additional compression that some cable companies perform. This means stunning picture-and-sound quality that's noticeably better.

With 100 HD channels and 400 HD VOD titles offered each month, FiOS TV customers in the New York metro area now have more than 500 HD choices available at any time.

UK Bans Adult Video Games from Its Prisons

July 25, 2008

Voodoo PCs Undergo HP Mumbo-Jumbo

July 24, 2008

Can We Do Anything about iPod Audio Quality?

July 23, 2008

Calling All Spies!

July 23, 2008

See All the IP Devices at Home?

July 22, 2008

Can you believe that shipments of Internet-Protocol (IP)-enabled consumer electronics reached 64 million units in 2007 -- a growth of more than 70%?

However, the market continues to be dominated by Internet-enabled video game consoles.

While many of these game console IP interfaces remain unconnected, the enormous developing installed base represents a "Trojan horse" with enormous potential for online gaming, music and video downloads as well as for a variety of Internet-based value-added services.

Already, in late 2007 Activision announced that more than 2 million songs associated with Guitar Hero were accessed through Xbox Live over the previous five months.  

All this comes from MultiMedia Intelligence. And there's much more to delve into to see where this is all going. 

(Thanks to for the image.)

"Why Blu?" Sweepstakes could land you a Sony PS3

July 16, 2008

Blu-ray Buy 2 DVDs, Get 1 Free Promotion

July 15, 2008

Cool Blue-ray promotion from Amazon I thought I'd share. Buy 2 Blu-ray DVDs get 1 DVD free. Sweet! I keep threatening to buy a Blu-ray player, specifically a Sony PS3, but I just can't seem to pull the trigger.

In Today's News - the XBox 360 pwns the Sony PS3

July 14, 2008

According to Yahoo News, Microsoft Corp said today that its Xbox 360 console will sell better than the Sony PlayStation 3 over the lifetime of the machines.

"Xbox 360 will sell more consoles worldwide this generation than PlayStation 3," Don Mattrick, a senior vice president at Microsoft's Xbox division, said at Microsoft's news conference before the start of the E3 video game industry trade show. Microsoft said the Xbox 360 has outsold the PS3 in the United States by 5 million.

Yeah, well you wouldn't be forgetting the Wii now would Wii? The Nintendo Wii might just kick both your butts in worldwide units sold. Still, the PS3 is a more applicable comparison to the Xbox 360.

Look Ma, No HDTV Wires!

July 10, 2008

No wires!  

Love that concept no matter how you mean it!

Belkin's FlyWire now makes it possible to place your HDTV where you want--without cables. Featuring an intuitive and simple setup, FlyWire wirelessly connects devices such as Blu-ray players, receivers, video game consoles and set-top boxes to HDTVs and projectors, transmitting 1080p HD.

As the first offering in the FlyWire family, this solution provides a whole-home range with the capability of penetrating walls and AV cabinets. AV components can now be hidden away in a cabinet or a closet, creating an uncluttered living and home entertainment environment.

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