Voodoo PCs Undergo HP Mumbo-Jumbo

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Voodoo PCs Undergo HP Mumbo-Jumbo

It's a sad day when Hewlett-Packard decides to merge its Voodoo PC business unit with its consumer business.

This were the ultimate gamer PCs from a one time stand-alone company that put a unique business model into play -- high-end performance, outrageous design and high-end prices. I mean, take a look at that box above!

Now, Voodoo's laptops and desktops will be sold alongside HP's consumer Compaq Presario and Pavilion PC lines -- sort of the opposite of the Voodoo model.  It is just the next step of integration into the business units that deliver Compaq Presario and HP Pavilion, said the company. 

PCWorld has more.

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