HTML5 Conference DevCon5 Launches in New York

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HTML5 Conference DevCon5 Launches in New York

TMC and Crossfire Media recently announced the launch of DevCon5 Conference, July 27-28, 2011. DevCon5, which makes me think of DEFCON 5 (Defense Condition 5) and the classic 1983 movie War Games, focuses on educating web developers, designers, and architects on how to use HTML5 to create dynamic user experiences. The conference will be held at the Kimmel Center on the downtown New York City campus of New York University.

Here are some of the conference sessions:

HTML5 Track

  • HTML5 – the good, the bad, the ugly
  • CSS3 & Advanced Design
  • Browser Choices
  • Scalar Vector Graphics
  • HTML5 - canvas power
  • Mobile vs. Multiple Device Apps
  • WebGL: 3-D everywhere
  • Dynamic JavaScript

User Experience Track

  • Simple & Usable 101
  • Simple & Usable 102
  • The Impact of Color 101
  • The Impact of Color 102
  • Layout & White Space 1
  • Layout & White Space 2
  • The Power of Multi-Media
  • The Power of Story

Cloud Computing Track

  • Cloud Market Overview
  • Platform as a Service
  • Virtualization & Imaging
  • Cloud Users Speak Out
  • Cloud Security
  • 1 Minute Provisioning
  • Workloads & Componentizing
  • To Cloud or Not to Cloud
You can check out the DevCon5 Agenda for the complete conference program listing.

“The millennial generation of customers and employees are not going to be satisfied with big systems that are antiquated in comparison to the rich experiences they have on their social networks and on the Internet,” said Carl Ford, partner and community developer for Crossfire Media. “Business will profit from the applications migration to the cloud with systems that match the expectation and experience of their customers and employees. The next era of the web brings about usability in design and device universality. HTML5 will impact the role of IT even more significantly, than the adoption of the PC in the enterprise.”

“With HTML5, we finally have a language which allows websites to deliver rich, multimedia experiences to users across platforms and devices. Moreover, the technology allows any developer or designer to create a user experience which is close to a locally running application,” stated Rich Tehrani, CEO and conference chairman for TMC. “This new standard, as it becomes more widely supported, has the potential to change the current app economy we live in meaning closed app ecosystems can be avoided for developers looking to produce cutting edge products and solutions which may not get approval from the handful of companies controlling these stores.”

He also stated that “Moreover, corporations can utilize HTML5 to save tremendous resources with regards to cross-platform support meaning, various versions of applications for multiple devices may no longer have to be written. It is obvious that cloud computing will reach its full potential when the HTML5 ecosystem begins to grow.”

If you're a developer looking for some education on HTML5, then this conference is for you!

Via Rich Tehrani

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