HTML5 Conference DevCon5 Launches in New York This July


Dear readers, I have some great news – you know I am a huge fan of HTML5 and I want to do everything I can to facilitate its acceptance by developers, carriers and end users. Back in January of 2008 I wrote about my concern related to the Internet splintering in an entry titled The Rise of the Splinternet – explaining that Facebook users may not leave the social networking site and as a result you need to develop specific apps for users of the service. And of course the problem gets worse as now you need to develop apps for Android, iOS and for Microsoft devices among others.

I further elaborated on the problem in September, 2010 but went on to explain HTML5 has the potential to slow it down. The way I see it, the less development which needs to be done for specific platforms, the better. If more applications can developed using one standard and represented effectively on most every device then programmers can maximize their productivity writing incredible software wihout having to worry about versions for Xbox, Mac, PC, Android, iPad, etc.

And a side benefit is the more HTML5 apps there are – the less chance there is to have to worry about computing going from an open model where you can buy any software you want to one which is controlled by computer companies.

So TMC and Crossfire Media today announced the launch of DevCon5 Conference, July 27-28, 2011. DevCon5 focuses on educating web developers, designers, and architects on how to use HTML5 to create dynamic user experiences. The conference will be held at the Kimmel Center on the downtown New York City campus of
New York University.

Some of the conference sessions so far are as follows:

HTML5 Track

  • HTML5 – the good, the bad, the ugly
  • CSS3 & Advanced Design
  • Browser Choices
  • Scalar Vector Graphics
  • HTML5 – canvas power
  • Mobile vs. Multiple Device Apps
  • WebGL: 3-D everywhere
  • Dynamic JavaScript

User Experience Track

  • Simple & Usable 101
  • Simple & Usable 102
  • The Impact of Color 101
  • The Impact of Color 102
  • Layout & White Space 1
  • Layout & White Space 2
  • The Power of Multi-Media
  • The Power of Story

Cloud Computing Track

  • Cloud Market Overview
  • Platform as a Service
  • Virtualization & Imaging
  • Cloud Users Speak Out
  • Cloud Security
  • 1 Minute Provisioning
  • Workloads & Componentizing
  • To Cloud or Not to Cloud

Visit the DevCon5 Agenda for the complete conference program listing and here is the full press release for even more.

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