Dialogic supports Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007

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Dialogic supports Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007

Dialogic Corporation announced today that it has expanded its support for Microsoft unified communications solutions. The Dialogic Media Gateways will enable unified messaging in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, I've got a testbed with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 and Exchange 2007 installed (which I still have to write the review on), so perhaps I'll get my hands on this new Dialogic hardware to some more interesting tests with. It's been quite some time since I last tested Dialogic hardware. My first review of Dialogic hardware was way back in 1996 in CTI Magazine.

In any event, Dialogic has expanded its gateway product lines and capabilities to support Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007. Office Communications Server 2007 is a unified communications platform that brings the rapid pace of software innovation and software economics to communications. Dialogic Media Gateways are designed specifically to bridge legacy PBX and PSTN networks to next generation, VoIP based applications and services such as Office Communications Server 2007.

"Unified communications is coming fast on the heels of the transition from traditional circuit switched telephony to IP telephony,” said Eric Swift, Senior Director of Product Management, Unified Communications Group at Microsoft. "We see Dialogic as playing a critical role in providing media gateways necessary to connect and navigate disparate networks and legacy systems to help customers unlock the potential of unified communications.”

Dialogic has expanded its current Media Gateway product lines with new gateway platforms and features that integrate with Office Communications Server 2007 and deliver VoIP security, superior audio quality, ease-of-use and manageability. In addition, Dialogic Media Gateways are known for their superior PBX interoperability and a strong support organization standing behind them.

Dialogic has a range of media gateway products that scale from 8 to 120 channels and provide connections and protocols such as analog, digital PBX, ISDN BRI, T1/E1, CAS, ISDN, Q.SIG and more, to meet the needs of any given Microsoft unified communications installation.  Dialogic is currently supplying gateways worldwide to enterprise customers participating in early adoption programs.

Specifically for the upcoming unified communications release, Dialogic is readying a new series of gateways capable of hosting one of the server elements required for the Office Communications Server 2007 solution. The new gateways will debut the first hybrid architecture designed as integrated systems specifically for the Microsoft unified communications environment. Capable of hosting server software on-board, these hybrid gateways reduce the total number of servers required in the solution set. The new gateway series is scheduled for general availability early in the third quarter.

"Dialogic is a pioneer in providing standards based platforms and communications technologies that enable innovative software companies to develop new communications applications,” states Jim Machi, Vice President Marketing for Dialogic. "In many ways, Dialogic has been working towards the unified communications vision supported by open enterprise infrastructure from its origins as the leader in standards based computer telephony. The industry is at another inflection point defined by unified communications, and customers are demanding flexible, interoperable, and non-proprietary communications solutions. Dialogic is pleased to be working together with Microsoft to meet that demand.” .

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