Goodbye Microsoft OCS Hello Microsoft Lync!

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Goodbye Microsoft OCS Hello Microsoft Lync!

microsoft-lync-logo.jpgLast week I wrote an article titled "Microsoft Lync 2010 - New Product? Or New OCS Name?" based off of a couple new downloads on Microsoft's site I found via Twitter. When I saw something called Microsoft Lync on Twitter I was intrigued. After reading the description of the downloads last week, I wrote, "I'll be damned if that doesn't sound exactly like the feature-set of OCS/MCS or whatever the heck the new name will be called." Certainly the name made sense, since I thought it was a combination of "link" with a "c" for communications. Then Microsoft just got fancy and changed the "i" to a "y" in Lync. But wasn't the new name supposed to be Microsoft MCS?

Well, it turns out I was right to theorize that Lync was the new name for OCS 2007. Microsoft OCS 2007 is now Microsoft Lync. Today, Microsoft announced the new name change and they've made the "bits" available to download to the public. Microsoft's Kirk Gregersen, Lync Product Management said:
A key part of the release is the re-branding to Microsoft Lync.  There's been quite a bit of speculation on this to date, and most of you have probably played with the new updated releases, gotten the TAP communications on this or seen the rumors on the net.  I'll add just a little more context.  As you know, today we have a pretty varied set of names, some of which are so long we can't fit them in our own product list or in product UI (check out the Nokia phone UI for a good example):
Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2
Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2
Microsoft Office Communications Online
Microsoft Office Live Meeting
And, of course, 'OCS' - what most people call all of the above

At the same time that we needed one name to help unify things with this release, we also wanted to make sure that the new name really reflects the big product transformation with this release.  In that sense, Lync - a combination of "link" and "sync" - is about connecting people in new ways, anytime, anywhere.  Beyond simplifying and shortening the current branding, the team's customer research found that the name Lync appeals to end users and IT pros, even more than descriptive options, and really helped land the value prop with end users.  We hope you'll grow to like the name as much as we have.

The Lync Server 2010 RC includes both the Enterprise and Standard editions of the server, plus the Lync 2010 client (new Communicator). Microsoft Lync Server 2010 is 64-bit only.

Here's an overview plus important info on Microsoft Lync from Microsoft's site:

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 provides complete presence, instant messaging, conferencing and enterprise voice capabilities through a single, easy-to-use interface that is consistent across PC, browser, and mobile device. You can Architect your deployment for high availability using data center resiliency and survivable branch appliances. Administrators benefit from a single, consistent management infrastructure, new capabilities to increase availability, and interoperability with existing systems. Administrators also use a new PowerShell-based foundation for administration consistent with Exchange Server, Active Directory, and other Microsoft server products.

This Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Release Candidate includes both editions of the server (Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition), along with the Microsoft Lync 2010 client.


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Feedback for Goodbye Microsoft OCS Hello Microsoft Lync!


The new launch of Micorsoft Lync (OCS) wave 14 will be a huge opportunity for all Telecom Resellers and Microsoft Partners. There will FINALLY be some options in the telephone endpoint devices that will give the end users some flexibility with functionality and pricing, not to mention some of the other conferencing/video/accessory devices. You should be sure not to limit yourself to one specific brand because if you or your customer wants to shop around (as they always do) you don't want to lose to someone who can provide several solutions or options. Companies like ABP Technology will be able to support you by offering a large list of OCS/Lync supported devices from Polycom, Aastra, Snom, ClearOne, Jabra, and Plantronics. You will be able to see the entire spectrum of devices and pick and choose what best suits you or your customer. There will be some very exciting things to come in the next few months and when dealing with customers of this size, it would only hurt your business to not give them the attention they deserve.

Our NDA has been lifted and we can now reveal the new name for the Communications Server '14 '.

The child has been named Lync, which is a combination of the words Link and Sync. Microsoft describes the name as more in line with the experience you get with a true unified communications product.

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