Marc hates Microsoft Vista

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Marc hates Microsoft Vista

Marc Robins is having a hell of a time with Microsoft Windows Vista. Marc has encountered several problems -  Everything from printer drivers to Second Life not working and Internet Explorer crashing. Vista performance issues also seem to be happening due to the upgrade and not installing Vista as a fresh installation. I used to be Marc's IT support guy when he worked directly with TMC (he's a consultant now), so maybe I'll email him off some suggestions to speed up his Windows Vista install. Check out his My Vista Experience Part 1 and 2.

I have an idea why his IE is crashing. Oh, and check out the rest of Marc's Beyond VoIP blog. He's been writing pretty copiously as of late, and as a fairly new TMC blogger, he surprisingly has tons of interesting articles - especially on home entertainment stuff, one of my favorite topics. I have to say - with Rich Tehrani, Greg Galitzine, Russell Shaw, Marc Robins, and myself, along with a few other TMCnet blogs, TMC probably has the strongest line-up of IP communications bloggers on the planet!

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