Microsoft Lync 2010 - New Product? Or New OCS Name?

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Microsoft Lync 2010 - New Product? Or New OCS Name?

microsoft-logo.gifToday, Microsoft released some downloads for "Microsoft Lync 2010". Microsoft Lync 2010? What the heck is that? Is that the new name of the yet unreleased Communications Server "14"? I thought it was going to be called MCS (Microsoft Communications Server).

According to Microsoft, Microsoft Lync 2010 Attendee is a conferencing client that allows users without Microsoft Lync 2010 installed, to participate in online meetings. If you are not an administrator on the computer but an administrator has allowed you to perform installations, you can install this application.

Their website explains that Lync 2010 Attendee provides communication tools such as instant messaging, audio, and video, as well as collaboration tools such as application sharing, screen sharing, attachments, white board, polling, and PowerPoint slide presentation.

I'll be damned if that doesn't sound exactly like the feature-set of OCS/MCS or whatever the heck the new name will be called.

Did some quick research. I believe Microsoft Lync might be the new web-based attendee meeting application which works from your browser. This would compliment the full Windows-based Communicator client application. So I don't think Microsoft Lync will be the new name for Microsoft OCS. It's a new web-based conference meeting application. This is still interesting news nonetheless. This adds another weapon to the Microsoft's UC feature-set arsenal. Having a powerful web-based conferencing / meeting product is a huge selling point. Why pay for WebEx when you can host your own meetings? Now the question is, does Microsoft Lync replace Microsoft Office Communicator Web Access (CWA)?

Update 2: 9/13/10
Looks like Microsoft OCS is indeed being renamed to Microsoft Lync. Should have stuck with my 1st instincts!

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