Microsoft OCS QoE Voice Analyzer App for WP7

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Microsoft OCS QoE Voice Analyzer App for WP7

Are you a Microsoft OCS 2007 R2 or Microsoft Lync user looking to analyze the Quality of Experience (QoE) on your Window 7 (WP7) phone? Then I have just the utility for you! The QoE Voice Analyzer app is now available at WP7 Marketplace for download and it sports some nifty QoE tools.

It's worth pointing out that QoE metrics are collected at the end of every VoIP and video call from participant endpoints, which includes Office Communicator, Office Live Meeting, the A/V Conferencing Server, Mediation Servers and IP phones. The metrics are collected and sent in a SIP header to the OCS Front-End server by each client.

This WP7 app assists OCS admins to better understand the Microsoft 2007 R2 QoE reports. It provides further troubleshooting steps and potential causes that may be affecting your network's voice quality. Currently, it supports Microsoft OCS 2007 R2 and I don't see Microsoft Lync support listed, but it might work.

To install it via Zune go to

Or for a direct phone install, go to WP7 marketplace on your phone and search for "ocs" or "qoe".

Here's a screenshot:

You should check out the Microsoft developer, Kaushal Mehta, who created and wrote about this app here.

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