Scobleizer flames the full vs. partial RSS feed debate

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Scobleizer flames the full vs. partial RSS feed debate

Scobleizer has a great post on why he hates partial RSS feeds. He even explains why RSS advertising currently doesn't work by stating:

The reason RSS advertising doesn’t work today is:
1) The audiences are too small.
2) The audiences are too geeky and too full of smart people. Hint, those people don’t click on advertisements unless they are very targetted!

He then goes on to explain how even with full RSS feeds you can still drive traffic to your website and thus still incur revenue. But then plays the other side of the fence when he says "Now, the fear is that the model will go away tomorrow thanks to RSS being built into IE 7, Safari, Firefox, Opera and other browsers. Whoa! Alert, alert, if that happens that means the unwashed masses won’t be seeing your interstitial Flash advertisements anymore, or refreshing your banner ads, or seeing your Google AdSense blocks. OK, in such a world advertising will have to change. But, let’s be
honest, what percentage of people will use RSS in such a world?"

That's the question bloggers are trying to answer. Will it continue to be a small niche or will RSS be used by the masses and thus hurt web traffic and revenue?

I think if revenue starts to dip drastically I think well established bloggers may decide to risk the ire of their readership and switch from full to partial feeds. Sure it will piss off their audience, and they'll bitch and moan about it for a few days, but in the end if you have great content they'll go through the effort of visiting your website. Content is still KING. If you write it well, they will come.

The full vs. partial feed war rages on...

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