Anybody Using Any Blackberry 'Killers'?

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Anybody Using Any Blackberry 'Killers'?

Now that RIM's Blackberry is back from the dead (no more lawsuit), it will take a true competitor to kill it off, not a patent infringement case.

We have lots of fun with market leaders and wait and see what happens as new products are introduced that challenge their leadership or new trends and technologies steer the market into new and unexpected directions -- directions that these leaders may not have foreseen.

The Blackberry falls into that market leader spot for wireless email devices/cell phones.  Some of the products that compete with it on a feature set basis include the Palm Treo 650, Samsung SGH-d307, Nokia 9300 and the Motorola Q

Anybody care to give some user feedback on these products?

Anybody care to add to the list?

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