Free phone calls on your Blackberry

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Free phone calls on your Blackberry

BBCalls app for Blackberry using JajahWant to make free phone calls from your Blackberry? Well, there is now a piece of software called BBCalls (Blackberry Calls) that when used in conjunction with Jajah, grants you your "free phone calling wish".

Jajah announced back in June free phone-to-phone calls to almost anywhere. The JAJAH Free Global Calling Plan applies to both landline and mobile phones to many of the most-called places in the world.  

JAHJAH uses a unique method of initiating the call. You go to a website, enter in your phone number and the number you wish to dial and JAHJAH dials both legs of the call and connects the two. Free calls from your Blackberry? Sweeet...
BBCalls app for Blackberry using Jajah

Hat tip to BlackberryInsight

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