JAJAH offers free calls from any mobile phone

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JAJAH offers free calls from any mobile phone

JAJAH now enables most mobile phones to make free global calls. JAJAH will announce on Tuesday their new service which enables consumers to make free or low-cost long distance international calls directly from their cell phone. This extends their previous "free calling", to the mobile phone realm, which was previously only available via a computer browser.

The JAJAH Mobile Suite will allow virtually any mobile phone to make JAJAH calls. JAJAH is starting with Symbian and Java-based J2ME phones and soon will enable text messaging and smart-phone/browser solutions. Between all of these methods, just about any cell phone can use JAJAH. Even Blackberries now work with JAJAH, as I recently reported.

JAJAH mobile is seamlessly integrated into the JAJAH desktop solution allowing consumers to manage their account directly on the JAJAH web site. To use the service, you first need a JAJAH account. To take advantage of JAJAH’s Free Global Calling Plan, it only applies when both call participants are registered JAJAH users.  In countries where free phone calls are not available, or if someone is calling a non-JAJAH member, calls are then subject to JAJAH's rates, usually less than 3 cents a minute.

According to Jajah's Frederik Hermann, here's how it works. "In short, you go to the Jajah site, look to see if your phone is currently supported - the first phones supported are Symbian based, like Nokia N70 and Java based such as the Nokia 6630 (J2ME). We are adding phones everyday and the software is done for many phones. If your phone is supported, you pull down a small plugin. Your phone will then know that when you dial an international number, it will send the call through the Jajah "network" (you can change theses preferences if you wish and make only some calls, or all calls, go through Jajah). Regardless, you just dial the number and Jajah makes the call. Thats it. The back end is all integrated with the Jajah system (billing, call history etc.). Basically its the same price structure as with a regular Jajah call - free to other Jajah users etc."

Update: 9:32am Tuesday
It's now official - check out the announcement

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