Gadget Bans On Airplanes Due to Possible Interference is a Lie!

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Gadget Bans On Airplanes Due to Possible Interference is a Lie!

airplane3.jpgGadget bans on airplanes due to possible interference is complete bull according to New York Times reporter Nick Bilton. I always knew it was a crock due to my engineering background and some basic-level physics. If a tiny mobile phone or tablet can bring down an airplane, then by golly, we are screwed! The FAA claims gadget devices can cause interference with the airplanes equipment, which is designed to handle 100 volts per meter of electrical interference.

Well, the Kindle was tested and it only put out less than 30 microvolts (0.00003 volts) per meter when in use. This is about the same voltage put out by electric razors and voice recorders, which are allowed according to FAA regulations.

According to Nick's article, “The power coming off a Kindle is completely minuscule and can’t do anything to interfere with a plane,” said Jay Gandhi, chief executive of EMT Labs, after going over the results of the test. “It’s so low that it just isn’t sending out any real interference.”

Further, most airlines do allow you to use your iPad, laptop, Sony PSP, and other gadgets after the plane takes off and the seat belt sign has been turned off. So why are gadgets safe to use (except cell phones) once the airplane is in the air? They also make you turn it off before landing. I suppose taking off and landing are the two most critical times when the plane's pilot is communicating the most with air traffic controllers, but isn't losing communication while at cruising altitude also important? After 9/11 if air traffic control loses communications with a pilot, the military scrambles jets to intercept. So surely communications at all times is critical.

Nick has been crusading against this gadget ban for some time and also discovered that reporters who travel with the President of the United States on Air Force One were told by the Secret Service they never require anyone to power down their electronics before takeoff. So if its safe enough for President Obama, then it's safe enough for the rest of us. Or do we need to put aside the income class warfare and start a new class war between political elites and ordinary American citizens?

This whole banning of gadget use during takeoff and landing is just a ploy by The Man to keep us down. You gotta love government bureaucrats who enjoy the power they wield which affects the lives of millions. NOT! 

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