RIM Launches BlackBerry App World

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RIM Launches BlackBerry App World

Ok, it's official, every mobile phone provider and their brother has an application store for mobile phones. It started with the Apple App Store. Google launched the Android Market. Then last month Microsoft launched Windows Marketplace. Supposedly, Palm is launching the Palm App Catalog.

Well BlackBerry/RIM couldn't be left out in the cold. Today, they are lauching something bigger than an App Store or a Marketplace. It's officially named the storefront  BlackBerry App World.

The site for developers will be updated and should be live by 10pm tonight.

At the same time, they will launch a sign up page for users who want to be alerted when BlackBerry App World goes live. They should go register at www.blackberry.com/appworld.

I'm going to check it out tonight and see if any VoIP apps are available.

Hey Nokia, it's your turn... Where's your app store?

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