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uPhoneBlog enables Email to Blog Posts

uPhoneBlog (www.uphoneblog.com) is a free project that allow users send photos and videos from their mobile phones to any blog or website in real time. It works with all cell phones and providers simply by using MMS (multimedia message service) to email a uPhoneBlog email account. Apparently you can even submit stories to Digg using email.

Works on many websites and blogs including: It appears this service hosts the multimedia content themselves and then provides an easy method of authenticating onto your own blog to create a new post containing the HTML code to point to this newly uploaded content. They appear to be using the Gigya widgets for performing this authentication task.

I still like my Perl script that I developed that allows me to have email-to-blog functionality on my Movable Type blog. It leverages XMLRPC to post the article content and the script can even upload email attachments (videos, pictures, etc.) directly to my own web server so I host all of my own content. uPhoneBlog seems like a YouTube clone but with some easy email-to-blog posting capabilities. I don't see why YouTube couldn't easily add this functionality themselves, which would make uPhoneBlog redundant. But if you can't wait, uPhoneBlog offers you that functionality today.

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