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Tom Keating
| VoIP & Gadgets blog - Latest news in VoIP & gadgets, wireless, mobile phones, reviews, & opinions gets into blog search introduced Blog & Feed Search, a new web search designed for searching blog posts, finding feeds and news published to the "blogosphere," while leveraging search technology and subscription data. I did a search on "voip blog" as well as "gadget blog" and this blog was listed as the #1 RSS feed. Sweet!

I can also see my blog posts from within When I roll the binoculars icon over one of the search results I can see a preview of the site without leaving the page. From's blog search you can also subscribe to feeds using your preferred reader, including BlogLines, Google, Newsgator, and Yahoo. They also feature quick links to popular online bookmarking/sharing sites such as Bloglines,, Digg, and Newvine.

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