Palm rewards loyal Palm Treo owners

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Palm rewards loyal Palm Treo owners

I just received this email offer from Palm which offers a free 1GB SD card i($99 value) f you are already a current Palm handheld or smartphone (Treo) owner. Wonder if they'll give me the $99 value SD card for an old Palm III? They're even offering for a limited time, $150 by mail when you trade in any Treo 650 smartphone in working condition. Cool!

Check it out.

The new Treo(TM) 700p smartphone for Sprint and Verizon Wireless

Be one of the first to own the new Treo(TM) 700p smartphone on the Sprint and Verizon Wireless networks! The Treo 700p smartphone delivers all the great Treo 650 smartphone features you love, plus broadband-like speed(1), enhanced features, and more memory for the Palm OS(R) than ever before.

Palm(R) News Special Offer -- FREE 1GB SD card ($99.99 value)!

Already own a Palm handheld or smartphone? You're eligible for a FREE 1GB SD card when you order a new Treo 700p smartphone through this special newsletter by June 11, 2006.
Just click here and be ready to enter the serial number of your old handheld or smartphone. Plus you'll also get FREE overnight shipping.

It's our way of saying thanks for being a loyal Palm customer!

Palm Trade-in Offer

Once you buy your new Treo 700p smartphone, be sure to check out our special offer for the Palm Trade-in Program. For a limited time, we'll send you $150 by mail when you trade in any Treo 650 smartphone in working condition. Don't wait -- take advantage of this Palm Trade-in Special Offer before it expires on June 4, 2006!

Trade-in Offer

1 GB SD card offer

Order or Learn more

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