Now You're Taking Desktop Audio (As in Treo)

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Now You're Taking Desktop Audio (As in Treo)

Yes, you could call this a Treo owner's dream -- and you would be speaking the truth!

Spefically designed for the Palm family of products, Altec Lansing's inMotion iMT1 is an amplified extension of my Palm Treo 650, serving as both a speaker phone (not that important, but nice to have) and a high-quality way to hear music stored on the Treo 650. (Now that's what I'm talking about!)

It looks sharp on my desk -- doesn't take up a lot of room -- while delivering great sound, whether I'm listening to rock, jazz or classic (and any other type of music for that matter, too!).

What's particularly nice is that it replaces the Treo's power/sync cable so I don't have that flopping all around my desk.

Here's some highlights from the feature set:

  • Built-in microphone turns the Palm Treo 650 smartphone into a first-class speakerphone (CDMA models only)
  • Automatically recharges the Palm device when plugged in and docked
  • Compact, lightweight speakersystem
  • You can take it with on the go (if you want to -- I haven't)

It also works with the Palm LifeDriveTreo 700P (CDMA models only) and Tungsten T5, E2.

MSRP: $179.95


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