SIP Forum Membership Surges

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SIP Forum Membership Surges

Marc Robins, a former TMC co-worker dropped Rich and me a line to tell us some good news about the SIP Forum that Marc is now a part of (he's the Managing Director). While I still hold a grudge against Marc for leaving TMC, I'm glad he at least stayed in the VoIP industry. Just kidding Marc! I'll see you in September at the next ITEXPO!

Speaking of ITEXPO & the SIP Forum, you might also be interested in reading about SIPConnect. I mentioned SIPconnect and how important this standard will be to SIP trunking and at the last ITEXPO, the SIP Forum announced an important ratification of version 1.0 of the SIPconnect Technical Recommendation. It's worth a gander.

In any event, the news release is here, but here's a partial excerpt to save you a click & to show you the impressive list of member companies, including Microsoft, HP, and others:

Experiences Dramatic Surge in Membership

Leading IP Communications Industry Association Achieves Triple-Digit Growth in Both Corporate Full Membership and Individual “Participant” Membership Ranks

The SIP Forum proudly announced today that it has experienced a dramatic surge in membership since the beginning of 2008, with both dues-paying, corporate Full Membership and individual, “Participant” membership experiencing a 100% growth rate compared to the last quarter of 2007. Currently, the SIP Forum has 46 Full Member companies and more than 5,000 individual members from around the world.

Companies that have recently joined the SIP Forum as Full Members include AudioCodes Ltd.,, Cable Television Laboratories, Inc. (CableLabs), CGI Group Inc, Covergence, Dialogic Corporation, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft Corporation, NEC Unified Solutions Inc., Sonus Networks, Tekelec, and Telsis Limited.

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