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Skype from Mobile Cell Phone

iSkoot 'Skype' Mobile Calls

Skype as we already know is one of the most popular VoIP applications -- if not the most, which has helped build a loyal community looking to develop third-party solutions that improve upon Skype's default features. One feature request of many Skype fans is the ability to make Skype calls from a mobile phone. Imagine if you could dial internationally using Skype - but using your cellphone? After all, carriers charge an arm and a leg to make international calls using your cellular network/cellphone. VoIP is much less expensive than international phone calls, charging as much as $3/minute. Last year, 10% of international calls used VoIP, says research firm TeleGeography. In addition, 20% of all international calls originated on cellphones in 2003 also according to TeleGeography. So there is an obvious demand to make international calls that marries "VoIP" and "cellphones".

iSkoot comes to the rescue with their 100% software solution that costs just $10/year with a free 30 day trial to check it out. Here's how it works. After installing the iSkoot software, to receive a call on a cellphone through Skype, you simply set up forwarding within iSkoot, to redirect incoming Skype calls to the cellphone number. (it interfaces with Skype using the Skype API)

Making outbound calls is a little trickier. First you enter your cellphone number in the iSkoot software so it can dial you. Next, your send a text message to the e-mail address That's where the $10/year "subscription" fee must come into play. In any case, the text message can contain either a phone number, a screen name for someone in your Skype 'buddy list or a Skype speed-dial number. Next, the iSkoot software extracts the phone number from the message, and sets up a three-way conference call between the computer you are running Skype on and your cellphone as well as the Skype user or phone number of the person you are calling. I should point out that if you are dialing an international number, it's not free, since you will be using SkypeOut, but it's still a heck of a lot cheaper than making a direct cell phone call to an international destination. Now you can make international calls not just from your home land line but while your on the road as well. It's also pretty cool that you can call your Skype buddies from your cellphone as well.

I'd like to see a software version that lets you poll a POP3 email account of your own choosing so you don't have to rely on "". What if their email server goes down? Or what if I'd rather pay $50 to just own the software rather than rent it for $10/year? Nevertheless, an intriguing Skype/cellular integration solution. $10 bucks is nothing these days I suppose.

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