New Skype for iPhone & iPad Released

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New Skype for iPhone & iPad Released

Today Skype announced a new version of Skype for the iPad and iPhone with the coolest new feature being a anti-shake software algorithm that smooths the video even if you have a shaky hand. It only works with the rear-facing camera however.

I neglected to mention an important new feature in this release. The new version adds support for Bluetooth headsets, a feature that users have been clamoring for. Good timing to add BT support in the same release they're adding mobile ads. Sort of softens the blow and mitigates some user anger over ads being put in.

They also added in advertisements to non-paying Skype users, which might upset some. Skype's The Big Blog explains, "As with our recent Mac update, there will be an advertising platform introduced in this new release. Paying Skype consumers or users with Skype Credit will not see any display ads on their iPhones or iPads. The iPhone update also includes an important security fix."

I think mobile ads tend to be less obtrusive than desktop PC ads, so I don't think users will be that upset over it. Here's a video demo of the new anti-shake feature showing side-by-side two videos with and without the anti-shake algorithms enabled:

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