Sony PSP Skype Headset

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Sony PSP Skype Headset

Skype Headset PSP2000As expected, Sony launched Skype on the PSP at CES. Sony PSP users can now use Skype after installing a software update scheduled for release in late January.

Here's the microphone module:
Sony PSP Microphone for Skype
Although Skype is the leading consumer-based VoIP software, I wonder if other apps will take advantage of the microphone module. Since the firmware is locked, it's difficult to hack in new applications. Unfortunately, this only works on the newer PSP-2000 model (earlier models need not apply) and it doesn't have chat/IM functionality. Further, you can't Skype and play a game simultaneously. Still, pretty cool to VoIP from your handheld gaming device.

Anyway, after updating the PSP software, a Skype icon will be added to the network category in the home menu. The headsets depicted above are Sony headsets that are part of the launch announcement at CES.

Headset picture via PSPSPS

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