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VOX for Skype for mobile phones

VoxLib announced the launch of VOX for Skype, a plugin application to Skype that enables Skype to be used on any mobile device.  This plugin enables users to benefit from Skype while away from their desktop. VOX for Skype requires no mobile data plan, mobile browser or software to download or install on the mobile device. It also works regardless of the user’s mobile carrier. So how does it work? VOX for Skype 
VOX for Skype Architecture

It works by detecting your phone number (CallerID) as dial your SkypeIn number. After using your (mobile or landline) phone number to authenticate you, it then gives you access to your Skype contacts, their presence and to cheap long distance calls from your mobile phone through SkypeOut. Additionally, you can retrieve your Skype voicemails and be informed of any missed calls. Of course, using CallerID for authentication is vulnerable to CallerID spoofing.

You can also access your VOX for Skype application through VoxLib's Short Message Service. Simply send a SMS to VoxLib's SMS gateway. VoxLib will automatically forward the message to your VOX application running on your PC. VOX will call you (through SkypeOut) and the specified destination, connecting you into a conference. If you send an empty message or a message containing "online", VOX will use Skype to send an SMS containing all your online contacts. With a simple SMS, you can call anywhere in the world using Skype with your mobile.

VOX for Skpe using SMS

Summary of Features
-        Call people on their PC
-        Know who is online at any moment (get presence status)
-        Call people by name (no phone number to remember)
-        Listen to and manage their Skype voicemail
-        Be notified by SMS of any missed calls or new voicemails
-        Initiate Skype to Skype as well as send SMS messages

VOX for Skype is available immediately at www.voxlib.com and is available at no cost to users.

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