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Technology and Science

Get Lex Verizon Smallville Sweepstakes

February 17, 2005

Get Lex Verizon's Smallville Sweepstakes

I admit it, I'm a Smallville fan. I guess that's better than admitting to being a Jerry Springer fan, right? Actually, Smallville, which seems targetted at a teenage audience actually draws a considerable adult audience as well, so I shouldn't be ashamed to admit I'm a Smallville fan.

In any event, I was watching Smallville last night and saw the "Get Lex" Verizon Smallville Sweepstakes.

More Government is not a Good P2P File Sharing preventative

February 17, 2005

Interesting analysis from the Cato Institute regarding government, DRM/copyright, and P2P (peer-to-peer networks).

More government is not a good file-sharing preventative

Marriage of peer-to-peer networks and digital rights management is a better solution

WASHINGTON - Recent controversies over file-sharing and copyright policy have spawned hot debate in the courts and the halls of Congress, but a study issued today by the Cato Institute argues that government interference in Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks would hinder technological evolution. A better solution, according to the report, would be for government to step aside and allow the market to find a solution through digital rights management (DRM).

In Peer-to-Peer Networking and Digital Rights Management: How Market Tools Can Solve Copyright Problems," Michael A. Einhorn and Bill Rosenblatt illustrate how P2P technology and DRM can coexist peacefully in a market system, essentially quashing the complaints of consumer advocates who argue that DRM puts too much control in the hands of copyright holders.

"By preserving property rights made possible through new market techniques, DRM encourages producers to innovate because they are more certain of an eventual reward," the authors argue.

CIA Using CallMiner Word Spotting?

February 10, 2005

Someone spotted my recent word-spotting blog entry (pun intended) and emailed me about anouther word-spotting solution. In my previous blog entry, I joked about the CIA and NSA being able to eavesdrop and perform wordspotting on conversations. Well, if I am reading the press release correctly, it appears that the CIA is using (shhh!!! don't tell anyone) CallMiner for word spotting.

MSN Messenger Outage

February 8, 2005

I was wondering why my MSN Messenger wouldn't logon today. Well apparently, I wasn't the only one experiencing an outage with MSN Messenger.

Microsoft confirmed today that a "significant" number of its MSN Messenger users have been experiencing intermittent outages for about a day.

Microsoft remained vague on the nature of the outage, blaming it on an "isolated issue that we've located in the data center," according to a company spokeswoman and would not elaborate on when service would be restored. Microsoft said the outage is affecting MSN Messenger users across many countries, but Microsoft would not disclose the number of users affected.

This latest outage comes just days after security monitors discovered the Bropia worm was using MSN Messenger to spread. The Microsoft spokeswoman denied the outage was caused by the worm.

Sprint Lawsuit

February 8, 2005

Meant to share this news about a major multi-billion dollar¬ Sprint lawsuit this morning, but got caught up with some server issues.¬  Boy, is there any telecom company not tainted by scandal (MCI/WorldCom) or in the process of a mega-merger (AT&T/SBC)? _________________________________________
A state court in Kansas has given the go-ahead to shareholders to wage a class action battle against Sprint, its CEO and its directors for breach of fiduciary duty. Potential liability in the suit could be as high as $10 billion. The central allegations relate to the conversion of two tracking stocks --FON and PCS --in a skewed manner that unfairly benefited certain directors, rather than the company's shareholders. The suit is brought by institutional investor Carlson Capital. GRANT & EISENHOFER P.A.
¬  From:¬  Allan Ripp 212-721-7468 and Carla Main 212-721-7421 Shareholders Get O.K.

Napster Commercial

February 7, 2005

Napster Do the Math Commercial

Did you see the Napster Superbowl commercial? In the Napster commercial they show the cost of 10,000 songs via Napster vs. buying 10,000 songs via iTunes. Since iTunes charges $1 per song for $10,000 total and Napster charges a flat-rate unlimited monthly subscription fee, it's easy to see who "supposedly" wins this Superbowl battle...

Arroyo VOD Reaches 10GB Mark

February 7, 2005

Arroyo claims to be the first VOD (video on demand) solution that scales¬ to 10 Gigabit Ethernet.¬  Arroyo is a player in the Triple Play space. Check out the release:

65% Performance Boost & 10GigE Support Demonstrate Benefits of Open Arroyo OnDemand Architecture¬ 

PLEASANTON, Calif. - February 7th, 2005 - Arroyo Video Solutions, Inc., which recently unveiled its first product, Arroyo OnDemand, - an industry-leading, open architecture solution for video on demand (VOD) - is today announcing two industry firsts. First, Arroyo is announcing support for native 10Gigabit Ethernet (10GigE) interfaces, delivering unprecedented levels of scalability to meet ramping VOD demand.

Instat's Take on the Telecom Battle

February 4, 2005

With "blockbuster telecom mergers" all the rage in the news and the blogosphere, I thought it would be worth sharing Instat's take on it...

Top Telecom Brands Battle it Out for Business: AT&T and Verizon Rank High

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., February 1, 2005 - Today's business telecom marketplace is more competitive than ever. ¬ Major providers, both fixed-line and wireless, are merging, cable operators are attempting to increase their reach into the business market and systems integrators are targeting the budding managed-services market. ¬ As such, survival in this industry will hinge on products, prices and preference, and not necessarily in that order.

Email Apocalypse?

February 4, 2005

Email Apocalypse?

I was just reading a ZDNet article written by Molly Wood titled "Email Apocolypse Now!", which states, "Steve Linford, director of U.K.-based SpamHaus, which compiles antispam blacklists, says the problem is tantamount to a coming e-mail apocalypse. He told ZDNet UK, "The e-mail infrastructure is beginning to fail. You'll see huge delays in e-mail and servers collapsing.

Spammers use new Zombie trick

February 2, 2005

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