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Technology and Science

Technology and Science

Samsung Bundles Boingo Wi-Fi With New Digital Camera

May 12, 2010

The convergence of wireless and gadgets continues. Who needs tethered cables to sync, upload/download, when you can do it wirelessly? Always hate having to plug my camera in to download pics to my PC. Well no longer!

Today, Boingo Wireless, announced that Samsung's new Wi-Fi enabled digital cameras will be pre-loaded with Boingo software, allowing customers to connect to 125,000 Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide for on-the-go photo and video sharing.

Panoramic 360° Video Controllable Via Mouse

April 14, 2010

We've all seen cool panoramic photos. Also, many of us may have been to amusement parks where they have white domes projecting 360° video on the dome. Though there is a lot of distortion when using curved walls. Not exactly a "true" life-like 360° experience.

Debit Card Fraud - No Wonder They Get Away With It - Banks are Clueless!

March 16, 2010

I'm a busy guy, so sometimes I don't check my bank statement and debit purchases for a couple of months. Well, today I see a strange debit charge for $146.25 made on 1/12/2010 - over 2 months ago. Here's the strange part - the address for the debit charge was listed as "110 Richards Ave Norwalk, CT." "Boy," I thought to myself, "that address sure sounds familiar. I think it's the Trans-Lux building."

Sure enough, I Google the address and it's for the Trans-Lux building I used to work in several years ago - so I'm quite familiar with this building and its tenants.

New CKEditor (FCKEditor) on Movable Type

March 1, 2010

CKEditor (formerly FCKEditor) is one of the best WYSIWYG editors. In fact, some of us within TMC have had an affectionate nickname for the old name due to it sounding very close to something X-rated. Dropping the 'F' (bomb?) might explain why they renamed it to CKEditor.

One of my pet peeves when using our old FCKEditor is that the Paste from Word is useless since it doesn't strip out all the extra crap that Microsoft Word puts into the Clipboard. Well, I tried out the new CKEditor on Movable Type and finally this feature works!

Textecution Disables Texting, Email and Web Browsing While Driving

February 24, 2010

Wireless Zone is now offering its customers a free application called Textecution which locks a phones texting capabilities when the user is behind the wheel. The application is targeted towards parents who are concerned about their teen's texting while driving habits. It leverages GPS to detect if you are traveling more than 10mph and then it disables texting, as well as email and web browsing.

Sure, but what if your son/daughter turns off GPS? Or they could sit on their phone to block the GPS signal, then quickly whip it out, text something, then stuff it back under their buttocks.

Cablevision Connects PC to TV Using Software

February 24, 2010

Who'd a thunk that your cable box could magically transmit your PC's video and audio directly to your TV with no wires? Cablevision just released a new piece of software that you simply load onto your PC and then your screen pixels and audio are transmitted across the coax to Cablevision's centralized network where it is then converted into your very own individualized channel that you can simply view by changing your cable box's channel. Since your cable box is already connected to your TV, there's no need to run any special video or audio cables from your PC. Think of this as Remote Desktop (RDP protocol) (or VNC) on steroids.

The new service is called "PC to TV Media Relay" and it's an interesting solution for less technical users to bridge their PCs and their advanced home entertainment systems.

Rich Tehrani kicks off the keynotes at ITEXPO

January 20, 2010

Use of WiMAX in Smart Grid Networks

January 20, 2010

How Aerospace Research Is Helping Energy and the Smart Grid

January 20, 2010

Jon Arnold gives an introduction to an ITEXPO session titled 'A Systems Approach to Energy / Grid Security', which you can see in the video below. As he points out and asks me for confirmation, this is the 11th year for ITEXPO. The session continued to fill-up until it was standing room only in the back of the room.

Ron Sega was the primary speaker. He is the Woodward Professor of Systems Engineering for Colorado State University (CSU).

Cell Phones Do a Body (& Mind) Good

January 7, 2010

Well, well well - it appears that cell phone radiation isn't all that bad; brain cancer be damned! You see, a recent study showed that electromagnetic radiation exposed to mice actually reversed Alzheimer's disease and improved cognitive capabilities. So you see, you are smarter the more you use your smartphone.

According to the ABC News article, "A similar (electromagnetic radiation) exposure in normal mice -- for two hours a day over seven to nine months -- improved their cognitive abilities compared with controls, Arendash and colleagues said in the January issue of the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, which is the research journal of the Alzheimer's Association."

Hey, if radiation can give Spiderman super-strength and "spider sense" that lets him sense danger, then it makes sense that low-levels of radiation can make us smarter.

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