Textecution Disables Texting, Email and Web Browsing While Driving

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Textecution Disables Texting, Email and Web Browsing While Driving

Wireless Zone is now offering its customers a free application called Textecution which locks a phones texting capabilities when the user is behind the wheel. The application is targeted towards parents who are concerned about their teen's texting while driving habits. It leverages GPS to detect if you are traveling more than 10mph and then it disables texting, as well as email and web browsing.

Sure, but what if your son/daughter turns off GPS? Or they could sit on their phone to block the GPS signal, then quickly whip it out, text something, then stuff it back under their buttocks. GPS won't be able to lock-on fast enough in many cases. Further, what if their son/daughter is a passenger in a car or riding a bus or train? That kinda sucks to be joy riding with your teenage friends and be the only one who can't text or check email. Don't get me wrong, I like the concept, but it doesn't seem foolproof and seems a bit limiting. Fortunately, you freedom-loving, independent teenagers need not worry about Textecution affecting you very much since this glenn-beck-pointing-finger.jpgapplication only runs on Google Android devices.

So you iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, and other mobile phone users need not worry - at least not right now. Besides, I'm sure the ACLU will sue on the behalf of some 17-year old kid claiming they have the "right to text" while traveling more than 10mph. Heck, some teenagers can run more than 10mph. What then? Can't run and text if you're a fast sprinter? Another freedom lost. Where's Glenn Beck when you need em?

Anyway, here's the news release...

Putting the Brakes on Texting While Driving Wireless Zone Launches the Textecution App to Disable Texts, Email and Web Browsing While Driving

We've all heard the horror stories of accidents that occur when drivers are texting behind the wheel, but no wireless provider or retailer has stepped in to take a stance of this pressing issue, until now.

Recently, the National Safety Council published a study reporting that 28% of accidents occur as a result of talking or texting while driving; 200,000 accidents are blamed on texting while driving per year. Due to these shocking statistics, 19 states have now banned texting while driving. Last week, an additional study was release by the Highway Loss Data Institute which stated that the ban's states are putting on texting while driving are showing no reductions in accidents, because the laws are not being enforced. Wireless Zone's new application Textecution prohibits the ability to access the texting, emailing or web browsing feature of the phone, ensuring the safety of the driver, as well as the safety of others.

Putting the Brakes on Texting While Driving

Wireless Zone Adds Textecution to All Applicable Cellular Devises, Application Disables Texts, Email, Web

MIDDLETOWN, CT - At the turn of the New Year, three more states - Illinois, New Hampshire, and Oregon - added its names to the growing list of states that have banned texting while driving. Staggering statistics, including the fact that you are 22 times more likely to get in a car accident if texting while driving, have influenced political powers and a national retailer to take a stand.

Wireless Zone, the largest cell phone franchise in the U.S., has announced it will place an application, at no cost to its customers, that prevents texting while driving on all applicable devices. The application, Textecution, is a user-friendly application that completely disables texting while driving.

"Wireless Zone has always been committed to cell phone safety," said Mark Asnes, COO and Executive Vice President of Wireless Zone, noting that Wireless Zone has provided hands-free devices to customers, for free, in the past. "Our stores have provided hundreds of thousands of free hands-free devices to anyone with a cell phone - whether or not they purchased the phone from us. The challenge today is people text more than they talk; and driving while texting is a danger for everyone on the road. We knew we had to do something."
Textecution runs on Android phones and uses the onboard GPS to know how fast the phone is moving. If it detects the phone traveling at 10 miles an hour or more, Textecution disables the texting, email and web browsing functions of the phone.

"We see the application primarily as a tool for parents to install on their teenage driver's phone so they know their child is safer behind the wheel of the vehicle. However the program is also ideal for companies to install on its employees cell phones," Asnes said.

The products founder wanted to connect with a national brand to distribute this program. With its consistent dedication to cell phone safety as well as it having more than 400 locations nationwide, Textecution's Jonathon Young found Wireless Zone to be the ideal match.

"As a loving and protective parent, my children were the inspiration," he said. "I felt the temptation to text while driving was simply too great, and I was determined to prevent it. The idea was truly an epiphany that I hope prevents many needless tragedies, and keeps all of our kids and loved ones safer on the road."

Founded in 1988 as "The Car Phone Store", Wireless Zone has become the nation's largest premium wireless retail franchisor and was ranked the No. 1 franchise in its category by Entrepreneur magazine. Every store is independently owned and operated, exclusively offering Verizon Wireless products and services. In 2009, the more than 400-unit franchise awarded more than 100 new franchise locations, setting a strong tone despite the rocky economy. Wireless Zone is a division of Automotive Technologies, Inc. For more information, visit www.wirelesszone.com.

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Feedback for Textecution Disables Texting, Email and Web Browsing While Driving


I appreciate you posting the news release about our life-saving application, and the relationship we've established with Wireless Zone in order to protect children on the road.

There are however some inaccurate statements in your opening remarks. First, If a child tries to disable GPS or block it in any manner, Textecution will be enabled, and texting and Internet usage will be not be allowed. This is a safeguard built into the application to prevent children from trying to creatively disable the program like you described.

Secondly, for kids traveling as a passenger or on a bus, the application has a feature where the child can press a button to send a message to the parent asking for permission to be disable Textecution. If the parent knows that the child is a passenger and wants to allow full usage of the phone, they simple text back ALLOW. Textecution will then be disabled for a predetermined period of time. If they don't respond with ALLOW, Textecution will continue to operate.

Thank you again for helping make parents aware that they can do something to protect their children while driving.

Don't bother wasting $40 USD on the Textecution app, as it can EASILY be deleted by your child - no administrator password or similar prevention mechanism exists to prevent uninstall.


March 2010 - Excerpt:
"My parents installed this application on my phone. Can I uninstall it?

Yes. But we have a feeling your parents might reprimand you since they were so concerned to have it installed for your safety."

Great concept, just not well thought through. Perhaps car manufacturers should be involved and use a type of signal blocker when within a certain distance from the steering wheel. Then partnering cell phone manufacters would embrace the technology on their side and modify the desired reaction of the device.


driving has certainly changed over the years, thank god my lifestyle permits me to give up the "privilege". I don't miss it except if I was to have the whim to be on a bike (motorized of course) and cruising down the hwy or getting lost on secondary roads for no apparent reason...those days are gone...but for the young and I guess old now too, why must you be glued to your phones? I just don't get it, what could be THAT important? Free yourself for awhile and leave it at home or at least turn it off while driving! Anyway, I hope u all take a break and drift into a good Ole fashioned drive w/o an ear-pierce so that WHEN I do have to go out to alleviate my physical curiosity of actually "touching" a product which is what Amazon CAN'T do...please keep your mind on what lane your in and WHY!!!

and Johnston...that might take away from "someone's" profits....you'd think with all the technology that's in this world we could get past ourselves and take it to a new level where....we could actually work together w/o a monetary commitment?!!! Perhaps.. later on down the line .. 2012

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