GoToMeeting Outage

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GoToMeeting Outage

gotomeeting-logo.gifNoticed a problem with GoToMeeting yesterday and learned via Twitter they indeed had a service outage. GoToMeeting is used by thousands of businesses and probably millions of users to give sales demos, online training, and more. I live in GoToMeeting and WebEx due to all my press briefings with vendors showing me their latest wares.

I have never encountered any service issue problems with GoToMeeting in the years I have used it. Yesterday was the first time. I guess I can't be too hard on them, since even companies like Google and Microsoft have had service disruptions to their websites. Even more critical than website uptime is your voice service -- and even major VoIP service providers Vonage and Packet8 have had outages.

I certainly have to give props to GoToMeeting for proactively using Twitter to fully disclose the outage and respond to users complaining on Twitter about the outage. Being proactive to customers via Twitter more than makes up for the brief outage. We don't need another Kevin Smith PR disaster incident on our hands.

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