Packet8 Service Down

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Packet8 Service Down

Almost exactly one year ago 8X8's Packet8 VoIP service suffered a major outage due to DNS issues. It now appears that both their domains and are down. But more importantly their VoIP phone service is down. Stay tuned while I try and find out more...

Update #1: from Joan Citelli Director, Corporate Communications

I don't have a lot of information at the moment, but apparently there was a data problem with one of our underlying carriers. I am told that all voice services have been restored, but we are still working on restoring website functionality.

I'll let you know when I have more details

Update 2: from Joan Citelli Director, Corporate Communications
I wanted to provide you with some additional information regarding Tuesday's service outage.

In order to provide services to our customers from our three, redundant data centers, 8x8 utilizes several, non-contiguous Internet Protocol (IP) address blocks that are provided to us by Tier-1 Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Our service outage on January 12, 2010 was caused when an unaffiliated Tier-1 ISP interfered with the proper routing of all of these address blocks. While we were able to immediately restore service for some customers by broadcasting correct routing information via our backup data providers, the interference from the unaffiliated ISP continued for approximately four hours.

All 8x8 core software and networks continued to operate normally during the outage, but some customers were unable to reach our services. We are in the process of planning and implementing additional mechanisms to protect our customers from any similar routing interference in the future. We are also creating alternative information and communication mechanisms to more quickly communicate outage status and estimated time of repair information to our customers via our website, call centers and other communication channels should a similar issue affect our customers in the future.

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Feedback for Packet8 Service Down


Unfortunately, voice service has not been restored to MY phone and customer support (or any other department at 8x8) does not even answer the phone. Their system just hangs up after saying that all lines are busy. Very nice customer treatment!

Well, my service has been down three hours already (30+ line account)! I received notice that phones should be working again at 5PM ET and it's now 6PM ET and still no service. Communication from the company on this issue has been terrible (as in non-existent). The only way I'm getting updates is through my account manager (Mike Huch, awesome job), but really... There should have been some official communication from 8x8 to it's customers by now! It's ridiculous. If 8x8 hopes to continue to make inroads into the business VoIP market, they really have to get their act together. Communication regarding the outage would at least assure people that it's being worked on. Not very good PR, 8x8. Get a clue.

Our phone lines have been down for more than a couple of hours and are still not up, contrary to the posting by Joan Citelli Director, Corporate Communications Packet 8.

BTW - For many reasons, we will be terminating our relationship with 8x8.

Still down in MT.

As of 3:10pm PST no VoIP calls are processing, inbound or outbound. Not only have we been down for hours, we can't even reach 8x8 to discuss with tech support! VERY frustrating, unacceptable from a company who expects to be taken seriously.

The statement by Joan Citelli Director, Corporate Communications, is incorrect. I do NOT have dial tone at my two locations. We lost service around 5 pm EST. (It is currently 6:20 pm)

For what its worth we are near the Houston, TX area and our voice services are all still down. My home service is down as well.


I believe that they aren't telling the truth about voice services being restored. The service has been down for a number of hours and still down at this time. 7:12 ET

They need to get it resolved. I have had packet8 for an umber of years, but I'm really considering finding a new service, the outages seem to happen to often lately and my second virtual phone number seems to never work when someone needs to contact me.

One more thing, do not believe them about phone number portability.

My lines were more than just going to voicemail. When calling my packet8 numbers from a landline I would get a message saying something about a level3 operator. Then it would transfer to a person who answered, before I could get a couple words out it would disconnect. Been happening for a couple hours that way.

Im a long time user of VOIP. I was an original with SunRocket VOIP, over 2 years, that suddenly went out of business in 2007. There was a small effect to my business. I had to find out they were out of business when I just lost service without notice. Initially I was panicked but I had already been analyzing other VOIPs and switched to 8x8 withtin a couple of days. I have since expanded my business uses with them over the last 2 years. Overall I had very little problems with them, and have been so pleased with them, until the other day! I figured out on my own within 30 minutes what was going on. My big disappointment is that after their rescue of many Sunrocket customers in 2007 you would think they would have had a plan in place in case of such a disaster. This is 1 strike 2 more to go. But no way an I guaranteeing them they will get 3 strikes depending the way the handle future situations.

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