Voodoo PC Got Game (Serious Game)

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Voodoo PC Got Game (Serious Game)

If you’re a serious gamer – and I mean a really serious gamer, Voodoo PC has the rigs you need to rule the world! 

The company’s flagship model, the Omen Extreme Gamer, is the most advanced liquid cooled PC available today. It features system-wide liquid cooling, including ATi Crossfire and NVIDIA SLI, the motherboard chipset and the CPU.

It’s the quietest high-performance PC and one of the most distinctive looking (no boring putty or black boxes for VD PC).

The mirrored interior and a special "Eye of the Storm" window give this a look that you've never seen before any standard "out-of-the-box" computer.

If that's not enough, then just check out these standard features:

  • Performance-tuned multi GPU video
  • Features best of ATX and BTX form factor
  • Performance-tuned Athlon FX
  • Brushed, anodized and machined chassis
  • Voodoo f:5 supercharged intercooling
  • Built to ISO9000:2001 standards

Priced from $5100 (that’s not a typo).


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