100% VoIP on the iPhone

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100% VoIP on the iPhone

Truphone has announced true VoIP on the iPhone over WiFi. It's unclear from the announcement what sort of application runs on the iPhone. I assume it's a Flash VoiP softphone of some sort. They also announced VoIP Facebook integration! Oh the irony, I just blogged this morning about VoIP and Facebook integration, as well as native VoIP on the iPhone in this same post using Flash or Adobe AIR (future).

This from the truphone blog...

Truphone will today give the first public demonstration of a Voice over Internet Protocol over Wi-Fi phone call on the Apple iPhone. Chief executive officer James Tagg will make the VoIP call in front of an audience of 350 delegates to DEMOfall 07 in San Diego, CA.

The company will also give a demonstration of an application that mashes up social networking site Facebook and traditional telephony. Any Facebook user will be able to click on a friend's Truphone 'Call Me' button, and a free phone call will be initiated to whichever phone their friend has chosen. This will mean free calls to real phones for everyone in the Facebook community.

Altogether, Truphone will today demonstrate:
- VoIP on the Apple iPhone (SIP-SIP, SIP-Phone, Phone-SIP)
- VoIP from Facebook (to SIP and to PSTN)
- and, as an encore, Facebook-iPhone using SIP.

Update: Oliver Starr from Blognation has some more juicy details and includes a screenshot:

Oliver writes, "Currently requires the use of terminal on the iPhone to tell the iPhone to use its on-board SIP stack to place the call over WiFi instead of via the SIM card. To use the terminal application, in turn requires that you first Jailbreak the phone using an application like iBrickr or iFuntastic. This is not an application for the inexperienced or the faint of heart."
SIP Stack changed in iPhone

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