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10-10 Numbers and VoIP

You know those 10-10 numbers? You dial 10-10 followed by a prefix then a phone number to override your default carrier and go over a different carrier to get a discounted rate?. There used to be dozens of TV commercials that popularized 10-10 numbers with Hollywood celebs such as Dennis Miller and George Carlin espousing the benefits of 10-10 numbers. Have you noticed the 10-10 number commercials have dropped considerably since the 1990's? Could VoIP and its low low pricing (flat-rate unlimited minutes) for residential voice service have something to do with it? Hmmmm... I wonder.

Personally, I have never used a 10-10 number nor do I know of anyone that has used 10-10 numbers, but apparently lots of people do. Actually, I take that back, I did have to use it one time when I needed to override our MCI carrier in the office since MCI's long-distance routing was messed up. But that doesn't count. I wasn't trying to save a buck or two (remember "Save a buck or two, dial..."), I was trying to make a call.

Well, now a 10-10 company, Yak Communications - 10-10-YAK (925), has decided to jump into onto the VoIP bandwagon to offer VoIP broadband service. My question is, why haven't 10-10 operators jumped onto the VoIP bandwagon sooner? I know pre-paid calling operations have been leveraging VoIP, but it seems 10-10 operations are late to the VoIP party.

In any event, Yak Communications has launched their broadband VoIP service which supports Xten's SIP-based softphone client, a USB hardphone, or your traditional ATA (analog telephony adaptor) for hooking up an analog phone. UPDATE: skibare pointed out to me that with the Xten eyebeam software you can get videophone service included with the Yak package for just $12.99/month.

Check out the release:
Yak Communications Commences Marketing Initiatives for WorldCity VoIP

VoIP Packages as low as $9.99 US/month

MIAMI, FL and Toronto, Canada (January 14, 2005) - Yak Communications Inc. (NASDAQ:YAKC), a provider of telecommunication services to residential and business customers, announced today that it has commenced marketing initiatives for Yak WorldCity VoIP (voice services over high speed Internet access). These initiatives will include TV, radio, print media, direct mail, flyers, internet based marketing, refer-a-friend-and-family, affinity programs, billboards, and contests and promotions.

The WorldCity VoIP product is currently offered in two packages at a cost of $9.99 US/month and $12.99 US/month, respectively.

VoIP Caller, the $9.99 US/month package includes:
* 500 outbound minutes to anywhere in Canada and USA, Plus
* Free Yak-VoIP-Member to Yak-VoIP-Member calling anywhere in the world, Plus
* Free 3-way conferencing, Call line ID blocking, and videophone calling, Plus
* Low cost international long distance rates with many countries priced at 2 cents/minute

VoIP Communicator, the $12.99 US/month package includes:

All of VoIP Caller features, Plus
* Phone number for free inbound calls reaching subscriber anywhere in the world, Plus
* Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Voicemail, and Unified Messaging.

To use the Yak service, customers can receive a digital voice converter (DVC) which plugs into their high-speed network, allowing them to then plug any standard telephone into their DVC device. Alternatively, the customer can download onto their personal computer the Yak-X10 configured "softphone" software, enabling them to use a headset or handset configured for either a USB or soundcard port. If the customer selects the Yak-X10 configured eyeBeam software, they will be able to use the video calling features with the use of a PC camera.

From today's launch until February 28, Yak is waiving the one-time connection fee, valued up to $49.95 US. Customers will receive, free of charge, their choice of either the Mediatrix 2102 DVC device; Xten eyeBeam software license; or Xten X-PRO software license and sound card handset, depending on the access device selected by customer.

"We are extremely excited to commence our marketing efforts for this next generation VoIP product," said Charles Zwebner, President and Chief Executive Officer of Yak Communications. "We believe that the WorldCity VoIP service has pricing and feature advantages that will attract a broad base of customers, encompassing early adopters as well as mainstream consumers, both in North America and worldwide. Consumer acceptance of internet-based phone service is growing rapidly, and we believe that we have positioned ourselves to capture significant business with competitive pricing at precisely the point when a critical mass of new customers will be coming on board," added Zwebner.

Customers can subscribe to WorldCity VoIP in a quick three-step process online at www.yak.com.

About Yak Communications Inc.
Yak Communications Inc. (the "Company") (NASDAQ: YAKC) is an Integrated Communications Provider (ICP) offering a full array of long distance (1+, toll free and dial-around), local lines, travel cards, cellular long distance, data services, and broadband voice (VoIP) to residential and small businesses in North America over high speed internet access. Yak currently serves approximately 860,000 customers for its traditional telecom services. For more information, visit http://www.yak.com

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