2 Terabyte CompactPCI Storage Blades from Performance Technologies

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2 Terabyte CompactPCI Storage Blades from Performance Technologies

cpc5910_2008[1].jpg Performance Technologies today announced they have increased the capacity of its  CompactPCI storage blades to 2 Terabytes. CompactPCI blades are popular in the telecom/VoIP/wireless space for their high availability, hot swappability, small form factor, easy upgradeability, etc. The 2 terabytes (TB) of RAID-ready storage is more than twice their previous amount.

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ROCHESTER, NY - June 24, 2008 - Performance Technologies (NASDAQ: PTIX), a leading developer of communication platforms and systems, today announced significant upgrades to its line of CompactPCI® storage blades. The company's hot-swappable, SAN and SATA, RAID-ready storage blades now have the capacity for up to two (2) terabytes (TB) of data, more than twice their previous amount.

The CPC5900, a high availability IP SAN storage blade, and the CPC5910, a high-performance expansion blade, each support two Enterprise-class 3.5 inch SATA hard drives with both board-level and drive-level hot-swap for improved product flexibility and high reliability. As the leading architects of CompactPCI and PICMG 2.16, Performance Technologies has an ongoing commitment to the CompactPCI market and will continue to develop and evolve this robust architecture to meet customer requirements in all markets.

"CompactPCI has proven to be a very resilient and adaptable technology with increased deployments in arenas far from its original telecom roots," said Hank Heneghan, director of product management at Performance Technologies. "We continue to see more adoption of this robust architecture that we project will have a prolonged life cycle in many aerospace and defense applications."

Systems that rely on Performance Technologies' CompactPCI components include sonar arrays on submarines, aircraft network communication systems, and weather alert systems. The company's wide range of CompactPCI solutions include high-availability WAN gateways, Advanced Managed Platforms, single board computers, communications I/O, and award winning Ethernet switches. All components are integrated with Performance Technologies' CGL 4.0 registered Linux® OS and development environment, NexusWare®.

Online Resources
Embedded engineers needing more information on Performance Technologies' high-performance storage blades and other CompactPCI offerings can reference the following online resources:

-- Advanced Managed Platforms: www.pt.com/products/prodgroup_platforms.html
-- Communication solutions for aerospace and defense companies: www.pt.com/aerospace_defense.html
-- CPC5900, IP storage blade: www.pt.com/products/prod_CPC5900.html
-- CPC5910 SATA storage expansion blade: www.pt.com/products/prod_CPC5910.html
-- NexusWare (Linux OS and development environment): www.pt.com/products/nexusware.html
-- Other CompactPCI products: www.pt.com/products/prodgroup_CompactPCI.html
-- White Paper - CompactPCI Storage Blades - Expanding Performance and Increasing Reliability: www.pt.com/storage  

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