AGN Networks launches SIP trunking service

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AGN Networks launches SIP trunking service

AGN Networks, today launched their OnDemand SIP trunking service that enables you to connect your communications system (PBX, IP-PBX) to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) using SIP trunks instead of analog, PRI, or E1/T1 trunk lines. Hopefully, AGN Networks will fair better than Level 3's 3Tone SIP trunking service which was discontinued. Perhaps now the market is ready for SIP trunking?

"Businesses are increasingly adopting Internet protocol (IP) telephony, but to date the powerful new capabilities the technology enables have started and ended with their own private network," said Michael Hartley, AGN Networks spokesperson. "Most organizations still use a fixed land line to connect to a carrier network, just as they did decades ago. With OnDemandSIP, AGN Networks helps businesses break through that hurdle and get more out of their IP PBX by connecting to the PSTN over SIP Trunks instead."

A Web portal allows systems administrators to set up new toll-free and DID numbers in minutes, add new locations on the fly, route inbound numbers, and access call detail records and accounting information. AGN Networks claims businesses can realize a savings of 50 to 70 percent on inbound toll-free calls, international dialing and other voice services.

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