AIM Call Out Launches

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AIM Call Out Launches

AIM Call OutA reader informed me a few days ago about AOL AIM Call Out asking me for my feedback on the VoIP quality and features of this product. I told him:

I honestly haven't checked it out (AIM Call Out). AOL has had several starts & stops in VoIP (TotalTalk, Phoneline, etc). I'm not familiar with AIM Call Out. When did this launch?

I see no mention of it on Google.

I haven't used AIM in awhile, but doesn't AIM already have VoIP dialing capabilities? Is that what is now called AIM Call-Out?

Do all AIM users already have Call-Out capabilities with their current AIM client or do they have to go install a special version?

He responded back:
It looks like the calling abilities were built into the last update of AIM. So every AIM customer who has the latest AIM client has the ability to make calls using the product. The click to call feature uses a web dashboard type interface, sorta like Jajah. Haven't really tried it out yet though. I have no clue how long it has actually been out. Just got an email from a buddy at AOL telling me to try out the product. AIM had or maybe still does have AIM phoneline. I've made a few calls with AIM callout and was actually relatively impressed with the quality (call was to Abu Dhabi).

So it would appear that AOL has once again entered the VoIP arena with AIM Call Out which is a direct competitor to SkypeOut. This time it appears they're offering outbound calls to PSTN number only. I see no mention of inbound PSTN calls that AIM Phoneline supports.

In fact, I'm not sure what the difference is between AIM Phoneline and AIM Call Out except that AIM Phoneline supports inbound PSTN dialing. One other difference is that AIM Call Out is pay-as-you-go and AIM Phoneline offers a flat-rate unlimited calling plan.

It's late on Friday and I'm leaving to pick up Chinese, so I will report back over the weekend when I find out more information.

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