Another Free VoIP Calling Web Application

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Another Free VoIP Calling Web Application

Goober Networks, recently launched, which offers web-based free VoIP calls to any landline or mobile phone in the U.S. or Canada. The Web-based offering uses Flash for the audio output & microphone input. As for the business model for "free calls" uses  advertisements on their website that you must watch before the call is initiated.

I decided to test it for myself to see how well it works. I simply went to their website, entered a phone number, and clicked the FreeCall now button, as seen here:

You'll be presented with a captcha code which you must enter to prove you are human, as seen by this clipped browser screenshot here:
Then, you'll see an ad and a short countdown (15s or less) before you can initiate the call as seen by this clipped browser screenshot here:calling-america-free-calls3.jpg

The countdown was pretty short, so surprisingly it wasn't annoying. After the countdown, the Flash application confirms your microphone source. Simply by talking into it, it detects the audio signal and then initiates the call. The call quality was pretty good - certainly on par with other web-based VoIP offerings.

I should point out that if you don't register, the calls are limited up to two minutes in duration each. Pretty useful if travelling and just want to make a quick free call. By registering for free at, users can make an unlimited number of calls for a duration of up to 15 minutes. All in all is worth keeping bookmarked for when you need to make a quick free call.

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