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Another Top VoIP Bloggers List

Alec Saunders just compiled another list of the top VoIP bloggers, which he titled "The Ultimate VoIP Blogger Rankings" using Text-Link-Ads "Juice Calculator". I'm flattered to be ranked 6th out of 71 and ahead of such notable VoIP bloggers - Jeff Pulver, Rich Tehrani, Andy Abramson, and more. Though technically I think I should be 5th since I don't consider MobileCrunch (ranked 5th) a "VoIP blog". Of course you could make the same argument for Om Malik's Gigaom which covers much more than VoIP. All of these rankings or "top lists" can be gamed, and many are still subjective. For instance, the calculator lists Russell Shaw's IP telephony blog as having 10,633 Bloglines subscribers. That's impossible. That's more than Michelle Malkin and Techcrunch combined and only slightly less than DailKos's 10,925 subscribers. My guess is that Text-Link-Ads must be querying Bloglines using an API that can't differentiate between the dozens of fantastic ZDnet blogs, so it lumps them all together. Currently, I'm the reigning champ, ranked #1 on Google for the search term "voip blog". It's nice to be #1, but I don't put too much credence into it.

I actually hadn't planned on blogging about this since I have been extremely busy completing the migration/upgrade of our MovableType blog server from running on Windows IIS (P4, 3.2Ghz, RAID-5, 4GB of RAM) to an even beefier dual-core Linux server. It's been taking a lot of my time the past several weeks preparing for and doing the migration.

But alas, Alec pulled me in with this humorous comment when comparing my blog with some of my TMC co-workers - "Tom Keating — more influential than either his boss Rich Tehrani, or Internet Telephony Editor in Chief Greg Galitzine (ask for a raise Tom!)." :D

Good timing Alec, annual reviews start after the new year! I'll be sure to reference you come review time. ;)

I was thinking about doing Top VoIP Predictions for 2007, but I don't have the time.
Now back to some more Linux tweaking...

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