Bolo, Another VoIP Player, Enters Unlimited Global Calling Arena

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Bolo, Another VoIP Player, Enters Unlimited Global Calling Arena

bolo-logo.jpgBolo from contacted me about their VoIP offering. Bolo explained, "We offer unlimited global calling for $38/month. That is unlimited calling to landlines and cellphones around the world. That is $38.00. We do not add fees and taxes."

Bolo added, "We have set up a store on Amazon ( and we are signing up customers more quickly.

I had a brief email interview with Bolo about their offering.

Tom: Is it "truly" unlimited? Suppose someone uses 10,000 minutes a month. Or what about 30,000? Many VoIP players claim unlimited, including Vonage, but when you hit a certain threshold they no longer consider you "residential" and put you in their more expensive business plan. If you do "truly" offer unlimited VoIP, what's to prevent someone from sharing the SIP credentials with others? I guess you could detect multiple IP address changes for fraud prevention.
Bolo: The service is unlimited with a few catches. No calling to satellite phones, calls to places like Cuba will be charged on a per minute basis so we also avoid federal scrutiny. There is a small list of places we can't support unlimited calling but our plan still covers 98% of the world's population. We are able to catch SIP abusers through IP addresses. Some people try crazy things and we need to step in when that happens.

Tom: Who you using on the back-end for termination? Multiple providers?
Bolo: We use multiple providers on the back.

Tom: How can you be profitable at such a low price?
Bolo: We are still profitable. We feel that we have maintained low operational costs and are on very good terms with our providers. We should become more profitable with additional subscribers. I should also mention our Cyber WEEK special. For the next 7 days, we are offering a 25% discount to our already discounted 3 month (Silver) subscription on Just $75 for the first 3 months.

My first thought is that $38/month for unlimited global calling certainly is a steal if you make a lot of international calls. But with costs per minute dropping daily you'd really have to make a lot of calls for $38 to be worth it to you. I can see Bolo being useful if you are a heavy phone user. Then again, Vonage World costs $24.99/month and is unlimited to over 60 countries and Vonage certainly has name recognition. I've never heard of Bolo and their Amazon store is a bit rudimentary, which may cause a trust factor in some potential customers. Still, I bring you the news, you decide if it's something worth trying.

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Feedback for Bolo, Another VoIP Player, Enters Unlimited Global Calling Arena


Has anybody signed up for this? it seems a little weird. They have no website or contact us address no phone number no support email.

It sounds like too good to be true.

Please anybody please comment if you ha

If it seems too good to be true, it problaby is.

Anyone on their right mind knows that calling cellphones on some third world countries cost as high as .50 cents a minute. You do the math, the user would have rang up the $38.00 monthly cost in appoximately 1.26 hrs. Not a good business model to survive in VoIP country.

Also the site is too amateurish, lack of information such as how to access the service; ATA or SIP credentials,(BYOD)etc..
I'll stay on the fence on this one.

They all but said it wasn't unlimited in the reply to Tom. How many of these guys will survive?

Ok I just clicked the link supplied to check this out and guess what? It states; is shutting down
If you have any question please use below contact information:Bolo

Looks like these guys are on the fast track, perhaps the wrong fast track.

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