Free VoIP calling to Central America

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Free VoIP calling to Central America

DigiLinea, a Voice over IP service provider to the US Hispanic and Latin American markets, announced today a unique VoIP offering - the availability of new unlimited calling plans to the USA and Latin American for clients residing in Central America. What caught my eye was this part of their news release, "DigiLinea is the only major VoIP provider with local licensing that allows DigiLinea to offer VoIP services legally in Central America." So are they saying that DigiLinea has a monopoly on VoIP in the Central American market that crosses several countries with their own rules, regulations, and political agendas? That's odd... Of, they used a disclaimer "only major VoIP provider". Ahhhh, so there must be some "minor VoIP providers" competing with DigiLinea in Central America. Those tricky PR flaks! ;)

In any event, DigiLinea offers unlimited VoIP calling plans to the US and Latin America for $29.95/month and also provides local telephone numbers across Latin America. DigiLinea is focused uniquely on the US Hispanic and Latin American markets and is vertically integrated into many countries in Latin America since DigiLinea owns local Latin American telecom licenses.

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